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Huawei introduction

Shandong Huawei Security Group Co., Ltd is a private owned group company, which was founded in September 2010 by the reorganization of the original state-owned security company. After the foundation, Huawei Security Group Company seized the opportunities brought by security market opening policy and company reorganization; proposed an company vision of creating a first-class Chinese Security Brand with to be more professional, more powerful and more influential. For these years, Huawei Security insists on spirits of "Exalting Virtue, Respecting work, Pioneering and Innovating" and the operation concepts of "Integrity, Reciprocity, Profession and Brand". What's more, Huawei Security drew up a "One-Three-Five Years Strategic Development Plan" and put it into practice; and also established and continuous improved the modern business system. Based on implementation of these plans and strategies, Huawei Security grew very rapidly now and has achieved the revenue doubling every two years.

Up to now, the group assets has already been up to RMB50 million, and has more than 3500 staff. In 2012, the business turn over will reach RMB150 million. In order to speed up the development of market, Huawei Security not only established a "One Body Two Wings" Regional Market Layout as the focus in Shandong Province and as the key sites in Beijing and Shanghai, but also set up more than 20 branches in other cities, like Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanning, Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai, Rizhao, Heze, Jining, Zaozhuang, and so on. In order to speed up the pace of development, Huawei Security proposes and practices the "Going out " Strategy, "Development" Strategy, "Brand" Strategy, and "Collectivized, Intensive and Scale" Strategy. In order to gear Huawei Security to international security standards, Huawei Security started and put "Overseas Development Strategy" into practice——in October 2010, Huawei set up the first Overseas Security Service Center in Beijing.

Looking ahead, Huawei Security will lead all staff in promoting the second pioneering spirit; Huawei Security will lead all staff in catching the development opportunities of security market; Huawei Security will lead all staff in speeding up the pace of more professional and more powerful development by following the "One-Three-Five Years Strategic Development Plan"; Huawei Security will lead all staff in creating Huawei Security into a National Wide Security Brand of China; Huawei Security will lead all staff in fighting for the goals of International expansion and public listing.

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