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Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Huawei retains all copyrights in any layout, text, graphic images, and software owned by Huawei and hereby authorizes you to electronically copy documents published herein solely for the purpose of transmitting or viewing the information. Huawei and Third Party Owner's proprietary rights shall not be altered in any manner by any reproduction or use of the Website. Information provided on the Website may only be downloaded, printed or otherwise reproduced – for personal, non-commercial purposes – provided that the copyright notes and other statutory proprietary designations are retained.
Huawei assumes no responsibility for omissions or errors in this publication or other documents which are referenced by or linked to this publication. This publication could include technical or other inaccuracies, and not all products or services referenced herein are available in all areas. Changes are periodically added to the information, and Huawei may change the products or services described in this publication at any time. Contact your local Huawei dealer for further information before relying on any information contained herein.
Should you choose to respond directly to Huawei with comments, questions, suggestions, ideas or the like relating to this Web Site or Huawei products and services, you agree that such information shall be deemed as non-confidential and Huawei shall have no obligation to respond and be free to reproduce, use, disclose and distribute the information to others without limitation, including but not limited to developing, manufacturing, and marketing products incorporating such information.

Website Privacy Statement

Huawei is committed to providing customers, dealers, and suppliers with the best value products and services in the field and online. By registering with or contacting us through Huawei's corporate web sites, you agree that any information or comments you provide may be shared among Huawei, its overseas subsidiaries and distributors, and used without restriction to process customer orders and improve or market our products and services. We will not sell or rent your information to any third party, and will exercise reasonable efforts to keep the information secure. Huawei recognizes and respects your online privacy.

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