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Speech of Chairman



In April 1993, Qufu Security Company, the predecessor of Shandong Huawei Security Group Company, was born in this old and holy city——Qufu. After 16 years of tough experiences and hardship Qufu Security Company has grown up from small to large and developed rapidly.

In April 2009, approved by Qufu City Government, Qufu Security Company was restructured and reformed. Shandong Huawei Security Service Company Pty.Ltd, transformed from a previously state-owned company into a private owned company, the first case in Chinese security industry, which also marked that Huawei Security stepped into an new era of its development.

In October 2010, Shandong Huawei Security Group Co., Ltd officially established, which indicated the first domestic private security group company was set up, and at meanwhile, also marked that Huawei Security took one key step developing into a new modern professional security business group.

Since the reorganization, Huawei Security proposed and implemented the "One-Three-Five Years Strategic Development Plan" by taking the opportunities of security market opening policy in China. Huawei Security speeding up its development strategy to be larger and stronger, and grew up rapidly in each business sector, and has achieved the business revenue objective of doubling every two years.

Huawei Security could not develop so rapidly and get such outstanding achievement without the care, kindness and support of the leaders at all levels, different social sectors and customers. Therefore, I on behalf of all staff of Huawei Security Group Company express our high and sincere respects.

In along with a more opening and regulated security market, Chinese security industry is facing a very special period of development opportunities. Huawei Security firmly seizes these opportunities, and makes a great efforts to changing Huawei into a National-wide Brand Company in Chinese Security industry, bears the responsibility and trying to make a great contribution to Chinese Security services industry Development, in accordance with its own "One-Three-Five Years Strategic Development Plan", "Key services area-focused, Diversified Development", "Going out" Strategy, "Brand" Strategy, "Collectivized, Intensive and Scale" Strategy, "More Powerful and More Professional" Strategy.

I look forward to cooperate with all friends, from different sectors of domestic and foreign security industry. I sincerely hope we could start a new era of Chinese Security Development, and write a new chapter in Chinese National Security industry history!

Chairman, President XUN JINQING

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